I fell deep into my thoughts,

swirling and stumbling all over them.

They played such an uncanny rythm over

and over

and over

in my head–I couldn’t catch them.

As I swirled some more,

I looked up and noticed the dancing leaves

that could not be caught by the roaring winds.

Missing South Africa


Missing South Africa

There are no words to express my time spent in South Africa this past summer (2013). When I finally find enough time in between these law applications, I am sitting myself down and writing down everything I had done, seen and experienced during my visit. I am most definitely contemplating writing some sort of a book. It almost seems like it was a dream, a surreal, magical dream. I want to get it all down on paper before the memories leave me.

This photo was taken in Swasiland, in a small village orphanage [ages 4 - 8]. The children were so spectacular and full of life, no picture could ever do their spirits justice. I have promised myself, and them, that I will return in the [very] near future.